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  • Prof. Weibo Huang
    Prof. Weibo Huang

    Graduated from Sichuan University in 1986 andjoined MCRI (Marine Chemical Research Institute) the same year.

  • Mr. Dudley J. Primeaux
    Mr. Dudley J. Primeaux

    Received an M.S. Degree in Organic Chemistry from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 1984.

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Training of polyurea technology abroad

Date: 2008-10-02   Author: Polyurea.cn

Most of the early polyurea technical training in the United States was simple training for users' technicians when equipment manufacturers (such as GUSMER company) installed and debugged spraying equipment for users, issued certificates, and were qualified to operate, use and maintain the equipment. Later, Mr. John P. courier, a senior equipment expert, invited Dudley J. primeaux II and Douglas Commette to form a professional training group (PTG) and prepared a special training course (101201 course) to tour around the country to carry out training activities.

In 2004, Mr. John courier withdrew from the training group due to his old age, and Mr. Dudley took over the training business. After taking office, Mr. Dudley immediately combined the professional training group with PDA, and publicly recruited students on his official website (www.pda-online. ORG) in the name of PDA. He plans to recruit four times a year, 15-20 people in each period. At present, 12 training courses have been held, training nearly 200 polyurea professional technicians from all over the world. Professor Huang Weiwei of Qingdao University of technology went to the United States for training in March 2005 and obtained the qualification certificate.

The PTG training course in the United States is four days: two days of study on the basic theory of polyurea and the working principle of equipment, one day of installation and operation of equipment, half day of discussion and Q & A, half day of examination and graduation. Those who pass the examination will receive the qualification certificate jointly issued by the lecturer Dudley J. primeaux II and Douglas Commette, PDA Secretary General Ken Bowman and PDA President Lee Bower (see the figure on the right).

PTG training is very professional. The lecturer is a senior expert who has been active in the field of polyurea for a long time. The course theory is combined with practice, and the students master the essentials by themselves. It is an important link in cultivating polyurea professional and technical talents, which is worthy of being vigorously advocated and carried forward in our country. In view of the backward technical status of China's polyurea application team, Professor Huang Weiwei believes that: sharpening the knife without mistaking firewood, we must fully understand the difficulty and scientific requirements of polyurea construction, and establish a formal polyurea training mechanism suitable for China's national conditions as soon as possible. Let technicians, constructors and supervisors fully master the basic knowledge and construction essentials of polyurea technology, develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, give full play to the advantages of rapid curing and strong protection of polyurea, and make greater contributions to the national economy and national defense construction!